Pontificio Collegio Filippino

The Collegio is currently home to 25 student priests from the different Philippine dioceses. Another 7 priests live with us, who come from Camerun, India, Kenya (3 Priests), Nigeria, and Thailand.

Collegio alumni may be assigned anywhere in their home dioceses. Many serve as seminary formators or professors, to train the future generations of Priests, or as members of the Diocesan Curia (Vicars General, Judicial Vicars, Chancellors, Bishop’s Private Secretaries, etc), or in specialized ministries such as the mass media or school systems. Still others have been assigned to parishes abroad, to the Vatican Curia, the Diplomatic Service of the Holy See, or the Apostolic Nunciature in Manila. In these cases, the home dioceses make a very generous contribution to the Universal Church.

The Collegio accepts only priests formally sent by their respective Bishops to do further studies in Rome. While preference is given to Filipino diocesan priests, other priests may also apply on a case to case basis, and space permitting.


Dacer Gaston Gregory Ramón
Anno di fondazione: 1961


  • Via Aurelia, 490 - 00165 Roma
  • +39 0666041602
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